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Personal Tax return filing for an individual with salary income.
Personal Tax return filing for individuals having NRI income, directorship, shareholding in private company or more than 2 house property.
Personal Tax return filing for individuals having share trading income or capital gains.


Income Tax Return (ITR) 1 Filing Form In Assam

Income Tax 1961 states that a person falling under the purview of the Tax Act has to pay tax on the income that is earned in a particular financial year. An individual, partnership, Hindu Undivided Family, or any other business entity can be assesses.

Who can file ITR 1 Return filing in Assam?

ITR 1 return filing in Assam is to be done by individuals whose income is not more than Rs.50 lakh from the following sources in a financial year.

Salaried person - Salary is the remuneration or consideration that a person receives for the services he or she has to render under an employment contract. The Income Tax Act,1961 has the following under the salary income.

  • Wages
  • Pension
  • Annuity
  • Advance Salary Paid
  • Leave encashment
  • Fees, Prerequisites, commission, profits
  • Transferred balance in recognized provident fund
  • Annual accretion to the recognized provident fund
  • Central Government contribution or the employer contribution to the Pension account as it is mentioned in Section 80 CCD of the Income Tax Act

One house property- In case if the Taxpayer is the owner of the property from which he or she is earning rent, then the rent becomes taxable. If the Taxpayer is using the property to run some business or profession then the same is taxable under “Income from business or profession” head.

Other sources(Does include income earned from winning lottery or racehorses)

Agricultural Income (up to Rs.5000)

How IndiaFilings help you in filing the ITR 1 Returns in Assam?

IndiaFilings can help you in ITR 1 return filing in Assam in both an online and offline manner.

Online Manner: We make online ITR 1 filing in Assam wherein we log into the portal and submit the returns on your behalf. Similarly, there is another option of submitting the income returns by uploading XML.

Offline Mode: It involves the submission of ITR 1 in paper form via post to the CPC department, Bangalore. The super senior citizens (80 years and above) are exempted from online filing of the Income-tax return.

What documents are required for ITR 1 return filing in Assam?

For ITR 1 Form filing in Assam the following documents are required:

  • Form 16
  • Salary slips
  • Interest certificates from the post offices and the banks
  • Form 16 A/ 16B/ 16C
  • Form 26AS
  • Tax savings-investment proof
  • Deductions under the Section 80D and 80 U
  • Home loan statement from the specific NBFC or the Bank
  • Capital gains


ITR filing can be filed by an individual, a partnership, a HUF, and any other business entity. ITR is to be filed by the people whose income is exceeding Rs. 50 lakhs.
ITR 1 can be filed both offline as well as online in Assam. The online form can be filed on the Income-tax portal.
Super senior citizen that is citizens of 80 years and above are exempted from online filing of ITR 1 form in Assam.
For Filing ITR 1 in Assam documents like Form 16, profits and accounts, balance sheets, investments evidence should be attached with the ITR 1 Form.