Temporary Gst Registration In Maharashtra

GST is a product of the biggest tax reform in the country that has improved the ease of doing business and also increased the taxpayer base. GST registration in Maharashtra has included thousands of small businesses under one uniform tax system. The introduction of GST in Maharashtra has reduced the tax complexities considerably. As the multiple tax systems are abolished and are subsumed under one single tax system under GST.

Who is required to get GST registration in Maharashtra?

The businesses are required to get GST registration in Maharashtra if they fall in the categories that are mentioned below:

Aggregate turnover: A service provider, who provides services more than Rs.20 lakh in a year is required to get GST registration in Maharashtra. Whereas an entity that is engaged in the supply of goods is required to crosses Rs.40 lakh is required to get the GST registration in Maharashtra mandatorily.

Interstate business: The entity should get GST registration in Maharashtra if they are involved in the supply of goods from one state to another.

E-commerce platform: An individual is required to get GST registration in Maharashtra irrespective of the turnover if he is involved in the supply of goods and services through an E-commerce platform. To commence with the E-commerce business, it is necessary to obtain the GST registration at first.

Casual taxable person: An individual who is undertaking the supply of the goods or services seasonally through a temporary stall or shop is required to get GST registration in Maharashtra. Irrespective of the turnover the individual should apply for GST registration.

Voluntary registration: An entity can obtain the GST registration voluntarily earlier an entity that has a voluntary GST registration was not able to surrender GST registration for up to a year. After the recent revisions, voluntary GST registration can be surrendered by the applicant at any time.

There is no validity period for the GST registration certificate that is provided in Maharashtra. It does not expire until it is canceled. The GST registrations for casual taxable persons and the non-resident taxable person are temporary which come with an expiry date.

To obtain a GST Registration in Maharashtra it is necessary to have a PAN Card. To obtain GST registration for foreigners, proprietorships, partnerships, LLP, company, or trust a PAN is necessary. If in case there is no PAN, it is to be obtained first. But the PAN is not necessary for foreigners and foreign companies. To get GST registration in Maharashtra talk to our experts today.

Temporary Gst Registration In Maharashtra FAQ's

A PAN card is mandatory for GST registration in Maharashtra. In the case of proprietorship then the PAN of the proprietor can be used. For LLP, Company, or trust, or any other type of legal entity, a PAN must be first obtained for the entity.

A GST registration in Maharashtra does not have any expiry date. Hence the GST registration once obtained is valid until it is canceled, surrendered, or suspended.

A person who is registered under GST in Maharashtra is allowed to collect GST from the customers. A person not registered under GST cannot claim the input tax credit on the GST that is paid.

An individual gets one registration using one PAN in every state, but he can get different registration for different business entities.

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