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GST Input Tax Credit In Jammu And Kashmir

One of the major objectives of GST was to eradicate the cascading effect of the taxes that existed under the VAT and the Service tax. Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir is claimed irrespective of the place of the supplier by making accessibility for the sale and the purchases of the goods. Here the tax is already paid on the inputs can be reduced on the balance amount.

Conditions to claim an Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir?

To claim the input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir the conditions mentioned below must be fulfilled:

  1. A tax invoice of the purchase or the debit note that is issued by the registered dealer.
  2. The receiver needs to receive the goods and services.
  3. The tax is charged on the purchases that have been deposited and paid to the government by the supplier in cash or through an input tax credit.
  4. The supplier has filed the GST returns.

To claim the input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir all the suppliers are required to be complying with all the GST regulations:

when the goods are received in Lots and installments and the credit is available on receiving the last installment.

The input tax credit is allowed only if the supplier has deposited the tax collected. Hence, the input tax credit should be matched and validated.

What are the documents required for claiming the Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir?

A registered taxable person can claim the input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir by submitting the following documents:

  • invoice that is issued by the supplier of Goods or Services
  • Invoice issued by the recipient of the Goods and Services that are supplied by an unregistered dealer. This supply comes under the reverse charge mechanism. Here there is supply is made by an unregistered person to a registered person under the GST.
  • A debit note is issued in case if the tax charged by the supplier is less than the tax payable in respect of such supply.
  • A bill of entry or a similar document is required to document the integrated tax on the imports.
  • An invoice or a credit note that is issued by the input service distributor as per the rules under the Goods and Service Tax Act.
  • A supply bill by a dealer that has opted for a composition scheme or an exporter or if he is supplying exempted goods

Allowance of Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir

A GST is charged on both the goods and the services. Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir cab ve availed on both goods and services. It is allowed on capital goods. The input tax credit cannot be claimed on the goods and services that are used for personal purposes.


Input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir cannot be availed concerning any invoice or debit note for the supply of goods or services after the due date for furnishing the GST annual return. In case the annual return is filed before the date then no changes can be done after filing the GST annual returns.
The input tax credit in Jammu And Kashmir can be availed on goods and services that attribute only the purpose of a business that is done by a registered person.
No, the provisional input tac credit in Jammu And Kashmir can be only used for the payment of self-assessed output tax in the return.
Yes, the recipient can input tax credit. However, the taxpayer is required to pay the consideration along with the tax within 180 days from issuing the invoice. This is not applicable where the tax is payable on a reverse charge basis.