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LEDGERS accounting software with integrated payment gateway, GST invoicing, GST software, GST eWay bill integration.

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GST eInvoicing In Delhi

GST e-invoicing in Delhi has been introduced to usher in the digital era from the conventional paper-based system. E-invoicing helps a business to save, improves efficiency, and also speeds up business operations.

GST e-Invoices in Delhi has reduced the compliance burden for most of the business by eliminating the requirement for the duplication or the transfer of the same information from one system to another. With e-invoicing, the invoice information that is provided to the GSTN for generating the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) will be auto-populated with various other systems GST returns, input tax credit reconciliation, e-Way bill, and the GST refunds. Hence, GST E-Invoicing will significantly improve the ease of doing business and also reduce the compliance burden.

Who has to generate E-invoices in Delhi?

The CBIC has notified that e-Invoicing in Delhi will be applicable for businesses that have a turnover of more than Rs.50 crore in any financial year from 2017-2018 onwards.

Irrespective of the turnover E-invoicing in Delhi should not be applicable for the following individuals registered as a taxpayer:

  1. An insurance or a banking company or financial institution that includes the NBFC
  2. A good transport agency.
  3. A person who is registered and is carrying on passenger transportation services.
  4. A registered person who is supplying the services by the way of admission to the exhibition of the cinematographic films in the multiplex services
  5. An SEZ unit
  6. A government department and local authority.

What are the advantages of the generating of e-invoices in Delhi

GST invoices in Delhi have helped businesses to achieve tremendous costs, improves efficiency, and also help in speeding up business operations. The burden of the compliances has been reduced as the requirement for duplication or the transfer of the information has been eliminated. Here the information that is provided to the GSTN for the generation of IRN will be issued to file the GST returns, Input tax reconciliation, E-way bill, and the GST refunds.

The process of business has been revolutionized since the introduction of GST e-invoicing as currently there are no specific standards for the invoices. Invoices that are generated by one software are read easily by another there is no need to transmit the data. The input tax credit is very seamless and easy.

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E-invoicing is mandatory in Delhi for all businesses with an aggregate turnover of more than Rs.500 crore from 1st October 2020 in any of the previous financial years from 2017-18 and 2019-20.
The following categories irrespective of their turnover are not eligible for E-invoicing as notified in the CBIC Notification:
  • An insurer or a bank or any financial institution
  • A Goods transport agency
  • A Registered person supplying passenger transportation services
  • A registered person who supplies services by way of admission to the exhibition of cinematographic in multiplexes
  • An SEZ unit
Currently, e-invoicing is applicable in Delhi for supplies that are made to a registered person, supplies to SEZ, exports, and the Deemed exports.
Yes, it is possible to make amendments to the e-invoice and it can be amended on the GST portal.