Axis Bank Current Account Opening with IndiaFilings

Axis Bank Current Account Opening with IndiaFilings

Welcome to IndiaFilings, your one-stop solution for all your financial needs. We are pleased to announce our affiliation with Axis Bank, one of the leading banks in India, to offer a hassle-free current account opening service.

At IndiaFilings, we understand the importance of a current account for businesses. It is a financial instrument that enables a business to conduct transactions such as receiving and making payments, availing of credit facilities, and managing cash flow. Therefore, we've teamed up with Axis Bank to give our clients a quick and simple way to open a current account.

Eligibility Criteria

Axis Bank has certain eligibility criteria for opening a current account with them.

1. Serviceable Area:

The applicant must reside in a serviceable area for opening a current account with Axis Bank. This means the applicant's location should be within the bank's serviceable area. Axis Bank has a vast network of branches and ATMs in various cities nationwide. Therefore, checking whether the applicant's location falls under the bank's serviceable area before applying for a current account is essential.

2. Negative Industry List:

A Negative Industry list consists of industries that the bank does not serve. The bank has set certain restrictions on opening a current account for businesses belonging to these industries. The Negative Industry List includes industries such as gambling, arms and ammunition, jewellery, stock marketing, sports fantasy gaming and tobacco, among others. Therefore, if the applicant's business belongs to any of the industries listed on the Negative Industry List, the bank may not approve the application for a current account.

Besides the above-mentioned criteria, Axis Bank may also carry out a background check to verify your identity and business details.

Documents Required

In order to set up a current account with Axis Bank, you need to submit the following documents:

For PLC/OPC/LLP/Foundation companies:

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Business PAN
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • KYC documents
  • Company stamp and Board name
  • Board Resolution

For Sole Proprietorship and Partnership Companies:

  • Business GST
  • 2 Address Proof of Business
  • Partners'/Business owners' KYC Documents

Our team of experts will help you gather all the necessary documents and ensure they are in order before submitting your application.

Loan Eligibility

Axis Bank offers loans to current account holders who have been operational for at least two years. In other words, if you open a current account with us today, you will be eligible for a loan in just two years.

Benefits of Axis Bank Current Account

At IndiaFilings, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible service, which is why we have partnered with Axis Bank. Here are some of the benefits of opening a current account with Axis Bank:

  • Lifetime Zero Balance
    With Axis Bank, you can open a current account with a lifetime zero balance facility, making it easier to control your finances. Our feature of a lifetime zero balance allows you to use your funds as needed and protects you from incurring unnecessary charges.
  • Less Initial Deposit
    We understand that starting a business can be complicated and expensive. That is why we offer a current account that requires a minimal initial deposit. With the help of this feature, you can readily oversee your finances without significantly increasing the financial strain on your company.
  • NEFT and RTGS Free
    With our current account, you can easily use Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) services to transfer funds without paying any transaction fees.
  • Complete Digital Service
    Axis Bank offers a complete digital service, meaning you can manage your account online, anywhere, anytime. Our mobile app and Internet banking platform make it simple and convenient for you to access your account.
  • Multiple Current Accounts
    Even if you maintain current accounts with other banks, you can still open one at Axis Bank.
  • Doorstep Banking
    Axis Bank offers doorstep banking, which means that you can request for a representative to visit you at your convenience to complete banking transactions.

How IndiaFilings can help

IndiaFilings is an online platform that offers a wide range of services, including business registration, tax compliance, accounting, and legal consulting. We have partnered with Axis Bank to provide our customers a hassle-free current account opening service.

Once all your details have been submitted, IndiaFilings will initiate the account opening process with Axis Bank. IndiaFilings can assist you throughout the account opening process, from helping you with the required documents to following up with Axis Bank on your behalf. We also provide access to a dedicated account manager who can answer your queries and provide assistance with any issues you may encounter to expedite your account opening process.

At IndiaFilings, we make it easy to open an Axis Bank current account. We provide a hassle-free process and offer an array of benefits. Our experienced professionals will walk you through each step, ensuring that you experience a world-class banking service.

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Smarter Banking

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Customer Reviews For Axis Bank Account Opening

IndiaFilings has over 1 lakh customers and we have completed over 7 lakh services through our platform. At IndiaFilings, we take pride in the services delivered by us and guarantee your satisfaction with our services and support. We constantly improve and strive to deliver the best accounting, financial or secretarial services through the internet.


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